B-17 Beats Me !! (lieu du crash)





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Coordinates : 47.79694,-3.02806 .  47°47'49"N 3°1'41"W .  47┬░47.817 N 3┬░1.683 W

The Bois de Keronic contains a monument honoring American airmen.
From Lorient take the D724 NE to Languidic. There get on the D102 SE to the Bois de Keronic outside Pluvigner. The woods are private property. Ask the owner to see the monument.
B-17F 41-24567 360th BS 303rd BG
The plane was on a bombing mission over Lorient on January 23rd 1943.
It was first damaged by a friendly bomb dropped from above the plane. Dropping out of formation, it was harassed by two Fw190s from III/JG2 until it crashed in the Keronic forest near Pluvigner. Three crewmen survived and seven died.

Crew of Beats Me
KIA January 23, 1943

1 Lt J.E. Haas
2 Lt R.W. Christianson
TSgt A. Pacheco
SSgt P. Soria
SSgt W.O. Stevens
SSgt J.H. Sherman
Sgt J.W. Dobbins

In memoriam November 1994
L.M. "Mel" Schulstad
C.L. "Chuck" Roth

Two monuments were inaugurated on November 5th 1944 in the presence of Charles Roth and Mel Schulstad (who was the regular pilot that did not fly that day)

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Memorial B-17 Beats Me !! (lieu du crash) Camors Morbihan (56)
Memorial B-17 Beats Me !! (lieu du crash) Camors Morbihan (56)
Memorial B-17 Beats Me !! (lieu du crash) Camors Morbihan (56)