Aérodrome US A-2 La Cambe

 14 Calvados   City  : La Cambe
Coordinates : 49°21'32"N 1°0'22"W.  49.35890 -1.00620.  49°21.534 N 1°0.372 W

Les Vignets.
Take the D11 from Maisy towards La Cambe. After 3.5km take the left towards Les Vignets from Savigny. At the first camp ground on the right take take a left on a small road for 250m. The monument is on the right side of the road.
Crude weathered stone pillar with a plaque commemorating American aviators.
August 14th, 1944, the 367th Fighter Group was operational from advanced landing ground A2 built by the 820th Battalion AAF Engrs of 9th Air Force.
La Cambe 17.09.1988

This monument, inaugurated in 1988, commemorates the presence of the US A-2 airfield in the area that was used in the summer of 1944 by, amongst others, the 367th Fighter Group equipped with P-38 Lightnings, as well as its construction by the 320th Engineer Battalion of the 9th Air Force.
A sharp observer will notice elements of the runway scattered here and there (PSP slabs and fencing) scavenged by local farmers.
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Memorial Aérodrome US A-2 La Cambe La Cambe Calvados (14)

Memorial Aérodrome US A-2 La Cambe La Cambe Calvados (14)