Commandant René Mouchotte

drapeau United Kingdom   City : Gibraltar
Coordinates : 36°8'58"N 5°20'54"W.  36.14944 -5.34833.  36°8.967 N 5°20.900 W

On the 17th September 2013 the Vice Chief of the Defence Staff-Air Chief Marshall Sir Stuart Peach unveiled a name change to the RAF Gibraltar Headquarters building from the Jaguar Building to the René Mouchotte Building in honour of the French pilot.
Personnage Mouchotte, Renédrapeau United KingdomWW2ServiceFrench
Notified by : Keith Allden.   Record added 05/08/2014.
Photos : Cpl Scott Robertson RAF Command Photographer, HQBF Gibraltar.
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Plate Commandant René Mouchotte Gibraltar
Cpl Scott Robertson RAF Command Photographer, HQBF Gibraltar