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Coordinates : 47.69778,-3.00639 .  47°41'52"N 3°0'23"W .  47┬░41.867 N 3┬░0.383 W

A rest stop on the E side of the D768 contains a memorial to a downed US aircrew.
Take the N24 SW from Rennes. Get off and take the D768 S near Baud. At the exit of Saint-Guerin, after passing the Theatre de l'Ecume, the monument is on the E rest area.
In memory of the crew of the flying fortress that crashed at Kerivalan on May 17th 1943

2nd Lt H.W. Indiere POW
2nd Lt J.B. Boyle POW
2nd Lt R.E. Richards KIA
2nd Lt J.S. Wilschke Evaded
SSgt R.G. Neil Evaded
TSgt J.W. McFarland KIA
SSgt W.E. Schenk KIA
SSgt D.T. Cullinan, Jr. KIA
Sgt J.D. Norris KIA
SSgt H.A. Mitchell, Jr. KIA

Inaugurated on October 13th 2001 by co-pilot Mr. Joseph B. Boyle

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Memorial B-17F 42-5219 Brech Morbihan (56)

Philippe Jegousse 15/01/2006 - Copyright information - Image use request

Memorial B-17F 42-5219 Brech Morbihan (56)

Jean-Charles Macé 07/04/2004 - Copyright information - Image use request